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CRS Sells Microfiance Company to Developing World Markets
posted on February 16, 2010 10:17:43 am
Phnom Penh, February 23 —Catholic Relief Services announces the sale and transfer of its successful microfinance company, Thaneakea Phum (Cambodia) – TPC – to Developing World Markets (DWM). TPC currently serves over 91,400 rural and urban Cambodians, providing small loans that help them build and expand businesses. Thaneakea Phum means “Village Bank” in Khmer. Like [...]

Lenten Message with Haiti Perspective
posted on February 16, 2010 10:13:29 am

Microfinance: Savings Clubs named Remember and Love
posted on February 16, 2010 07:41:10 am
By Bernice Yalley The village of Worla, though not expansive, has decided to create two savings clubs. It would have been difficult to manage a club of 50 people and so they neatly bisected themselves. The first group has called themselves Remember and is now going through the process of electing a chairperson. I am one [...]

Operation Rice Bowl Fights Hunger
posted on February 14, 2010 09:01:07 pm
Fourth-grade students at the Shrine of the Sacred Heart School in Baltimore, MD, hold cardboard rice bowls used to raise money for Catholic Relief Services’ annual Operation Rice Bowl program. ORB helps Catholics raise awareness and funds to fight global hunger. Each Lent, Catholic parishes, schools and families from more than 13,000 communities use symbolic [...]

Haiti Earthquake, One month later: Prayer and Perseverence
posted on February 12, 2010 03:18:22 pm
CRS emergency response team, technical advisor for shelter and settlements, Isaac Boyd, helps to prepare containers of nails for 7,000 shelter kits. Photo by Sara A. Fajardo/CRS On this one-month anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Catholic Relief Services joins with the Haitian people in three days of prayer commencing today as our brothers and [...]

CRS Counselor Sees Faith at Work Amid Ruins
posted on February 09, 2010 10:38:20 am
From Spero News: “There are no words to describe the devastation of the earthquake on this city. All over the city there are signs—’We need help—water, food, medication, tents.’ ‘Please help us NOW!’ Rich and poor have lost everything here—yet you still hear people singing, especially songs of praise to God for saving them.” These are [...]

Earthquake in Malawi: “We thought the end had come”
posted on February 09, 2010 09:15:01 am
CRS is helping to distribute essential household items to families affected by the earthquake, including buckets for water storage. Photo courtesy of CADECOM Throughout December, dozens of earthquakes and tremors rocked northern Malawi, culminating in a 6.0-magnitude quake on December 20, 2009. More than 3,000 families abandoned their homes due to extensive damage or significant cracks [...]

Combating Malnutrition in Guatemala
posted on February 07, 2010 10:00:21 pm
Community leader Edwin Roblero Barios prepares rations of oil for a food distribution in the Sanajaba community in the northern highlands of San Marcos, Guatemala. Expectant women and mothers with children under three years of age receive supplemental food rations and attend workshops that promote proper childhood development. Photo by Sara A. Fajardo/CRS

Thomas Awiapo: Outpouring of support for Haiti
posted on February 06, 2010 07:51:08 am
Most Reverend McManus – Bishop of Worcester Diocese and I (Thomas Awiapo) had a 30 minutes media interview on the work of CRS in Haiti and around the world which will be aired across the country in due course. The bishop announced that the Catholic community of the Worcester Diocese has raised close to $500,000 [...]

Catholic Church in South Africa Takes Over HIV Care
posted on February 05, 2010 03:04:14 pm
Churches have become HIV clinics in South Africa thanks to exceptional partnership. Debbie DeVoe/CRS This week, South Africa celebrated an important HIV milestone in Johannesburg. Due to excellent partnership and program execution, management of a very large U.S. grant supporting HIV care and treatment for more than 60,000 people is shifting from the international hands of [...]

Donate to help the Victims of Hurricane Felix []
posted on September 05, 2007 01:48:13 pm
As a major storm system continues to batter rural areas of Nicaragua and Honduras, respond with lifesaving supplies.

Disaster Relief for Earthquake in Peru []
posted on August 16, 2007 03:08:58 pm
Donate money to help disaster relief efforts in Peru

Rabiou’s Dreams of Making It Big []
posted on June 19, 2007 10:59:15 am
Rabiou hitchhiked and traveled on foot to the border of Niger and Burkina Faso, more than 400 miles from his village. There he found work as a migrant laborer at the Kombangou gold mines.

Gaza Crisis: Fighting Confines Residents, Obstructs Aid []
posted on June 19, 2007 10:56:10 am
As fighting between Palestinian political groups Hamas and Fatah continues in areas of the Gaza Strip, humanitarian agencies remain unable to make adequate assessments or deliver aid to residents who are without basic needs.

A Small Start Leads to Great Returns | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on May 14, 2007 06:14:16 am
In remote villages throughout Burkina Faso, women are organizing themselves into savings groups to help provide a better means of income and, ultimately, a better life for their young ones.

Preserve the Humanitarian Aid in War Spending Bill []
posted on May 10, 2007 06:32:31 am
When we use both our strength and our generosity effectively, we boost our national security. Congress and the president should put aside their differences over war funding to preserve the previously approved assistance for global humanitarian emergencies

The End of Organic Coffee? []
posted on April 27, 2007 01:03:49 pm
a USDA ruling that threatens to dramatically reduce the availability of certified organic coffee by squeezing hundreds of thousands of small-scale coffee farmers out of the U.S. organic market. Yikes.

Walking in the Shoes of a Migrant | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 07:06:52 am
Megan Marshall is a Catholic Relief Services volunteer who spent 18 months in El Salvador as part of her two-year participation in the CRS Volunteer program.

Excerpts from the Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI for the 93rd World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2007 | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 07:01:07 am
On the occasion of the coming World Day of Migrants and Refugees, and looking at the Holy Family of Nazareth, icon of all families, I would like to invite you to reflect on the condition of the migrant family.

Fighting Slave Labor in Brazil | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:58:44 am
It's been more than a century since Brazil banned slavery, but forced labor continues today as growing economic pressure mounts to develop the Amazon's vast agricultural frontier.

Reflections from CRS President on Africa Malaria Day | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:58:03 am
As we observe Africa Malaria Day, we are called to reflect on the horrific devastation these mosquitoes can have on development when they transmit malaria to humans. Even unborn children are not immune.

Walking in the Shoes of a Migrant | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:55:42 am
I decided to travel by land from El Salvador to Mexico, not as a tourist, but as an engaged person of faith, open to the unknown that I might encounter. As I grew to love El Salvador and her people, their struggles also became a part of my heart.

Biting Back Against Malaria on Africa Malaria Day | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:54:27 am
Africa Malaria Day, observed April 25, highlights the commitment of African governments to roll back this debilitating disease. And from The Gambia to Ethiopia, CRS is helping to do its part.

Ethiopian Communities Take Control of Malaria | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:50:25 am
The new We Control Malaria manual gives government malaria-control officers an easy, effective way to inspire communities to take responsibility for malaria prevention. The innovative manual is designed for people who can't read.

CRS Aids Families Affected by Cyclones, Food Shortage in Madagascar | Catholic Relief Services []
posted on April 26, 2007 06:48:09 am
Since December, Madagascar has been hit by five deadly cyclonic storms which, compounded by recent heavy rainfall and flooding, have severely affected more than 1 million people.

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